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Your ICA Survey

We recently shared a survey with ICA members and delegates of our Singapore 2023 trade event asking for your feedback to help shape the direction of the ICA.

Thank to those who took the time to complete the survey and share your views with us. Here are the results;


In total, 120 participated in the survey consisting of:



Do members agree with the statement “ICA Membership provides value for my business”?

Which members didn’t agree with this statement?
– 2 x Agents
– 2 x Affiliated Member Firms
– 1 x Spinner


Which categories do participants represent?



Where are they from?


Which activities have been rated the most important?

  • ICA Bylaws & Rules enhance safe trading practices (73% )
  • Networking opportunities (13% )
  • Access to Arbitration (8% )
  • ICA Communicates cotton industry information in an accessible way (5%)
  • Education opportunities (1% )


Which other areas could the ICA focus on?

  • Promoting cotton as the textile commodity of choice (55%)
  • Education (13%)
  • Information sharing (12%)
  • Growing membership (10%)
  • Regional and sector diversity (8%)
  • Other (2%)
    “Counter false claims against cotton farming and it’s usage”
    “Reinforcing sanctity of contract by depriving defaulters of access to other services such as sustainability programs”


If you would like to share any further thoughts about your Association and its direction for the future, please contact