Women in Action

Women in Action presents:
Marzia Lanfranchi

Thursday 9 December via Zoom – two times available:

  1. 9am CET / 1pm PKT / 6pm AEST / 8am GMT – Register for this time >
  2. 5pm CET / 10am CT / 4pm GMT / 9pm PKT – Register for this time >

Our first Women in Action event will feature Marzia Lanfranchi (Transformers Foundation / Cotton Diaries) who will be talking about the report she co-authored for the Transformers Foundation “Cotton:  A Case Study in Misinformation“.

Marzia will deliver a short presentation and then there will be an opportunity for questions from participants. The event is expected to last a maximimum of one hour.

Marzia is a Sustainability Consultant, Co-Founder of Cotton Diaries, Intelligence Director at Transformers Foundation and Master Student in Agroecology. Her mission is to shape a healthier fashion system by breaking companies’ silos and building bridges across supply chain segments. She has worked in various roles, ranging from fabric development at Burberry, responsible sourcing & social compliance for brands, retail and marketing to even farming. Thanks to her experience — from seed to store — she has a thorough understanding of how supply chains operate and is well-versed in the key sustainability challenges facing the textile industry today.

Women in Action are new, online events with a spotlight on women sharing their industry knowledge. They are open to both men and women in the cotton and textile industry and free to attend.