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Success for first Qingdao training

Organised by the China National Cotton Exchange (CNCE), the first Advanced Cotton Import Training was held on 9-12 December 2021 Qingdao. The course covered many aspects of international cotton trading including; characteristics of the cotton producing countries, cotton and textile supply and demand, customs inspection, cotton import procedures & practices, ICA bylaws & rules and arbitration, risk management, yarn contracts and import procedures & practices. Excellent feedback was received about these modules from the participating delegates.

The ICA’s Dr Robert Jiang delivered the ICA Bylaws & Rules and arbitration modules to the 68 delegates who participated.

One delegate who attended the training said:

Another important course of this training class is Dr Robert Jiang’s explanation about the ICA bylaws and trade rules. Although it is long distance remote connection, Dr Jiang is not rushing and unhurried, and his coherent and clear description makes us in Qingdao also inspire and immersive. Endeavouring to solve puzzles, comforting inexplicable. As in previous trade contracts, most traders, like me, had a little understanding of the ICA terms. They neither understood the organisational structure nor the specific bylaws and rules of the association, which resulted in our inability to protect our rights and interests through the ICA. But in fact, the ICA provides a formal, flexible, and natural and fair way of resolving disputes. Through the study of this course, we are familiar with the specific details of the ICA trade rules, understand the actual procedures of the ICA arbitration, and the methods of communication and appeal. This will play a protective role in future international trades. Our trading companies need to learn more about the ICA, and the ICA also needs to meet the demands of customer groups to achieve its own service goals. I hope that there will be more opportunities for further communication with the ICA organisation in the future. Future trainings and communications would be much appreciated!

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