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New cotton standards from Uganda

In July, we welcomed Patrick Ilukat and Badru Adiga from the Cotton Development Organisation, Uganda to our offices here in Liverpool. They brought the latest Ugandan cotton standards to both ICA and ICA Bremen.

Their visit programme included;

• meeting with the Quality Appeal Committee on the inspection of the new standards,
• sharing knowledge/views with the ICA management team,
• participating in the Value Difference Committee meeting, and
• exchanging ideas with local firms on the cotton production and market.

Mr Ilukat and Mr Adiga updated that all this year’s crop is roller ginned. The new standards include;
Roller ginned UCON, UCOB, UCOP, UCOA, UCOM.

These standards have now been adopted as the ICA Official Standards for Ugandan cotton in accordance with the bylaws. They replace the set of Ugandan RG and SG standards effective from 14 December 2018.

ICA Bremen holds the largest collection of worldwide cotton grade standards, which represent the cottons grown in the respective country. These standards serve as a benchmark in the global cotton trading.

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