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Resources from previous WiC events

Here is a selection of links to resources which were used as reading materials for previous Chats for Changes and Women in Cotton events. If you have any relevant resources which you feel should be added to this section, please send them to

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Chats for Change

Overcoming Obstacles to Aspirations (27.01.2022)
Delivered by Virginia Williams

  1. Time to Think
  2. Online Assessment


Allyship (12.08.2021)
Sponsored by the Center for Creative Leadership

  1. What is Allyship?


Mentorship & Sponsorship? (27.05.2021)
Sponsored by Gonzaga University’s Women LEAD

  1. Why women need mentors and sponsors – especially male mentors and sponsors


What does a good leader look like? (11.03.2021)
Sponsored by Gonzaga University’s Women LEAD

  1. Women in the Workplace (McKinsey & Company)


Call to Action (04.02.2021)

  1. Women in Cotton Annual Review 2020


Does what you wear matter? (16.12.2020)

  1. Enclothed Cognition in Virtual Environments
  2. The Red Sneakers Effect


An Introduction to BCI’s Gender Strategy (19.11.2020)

  1. BCI’s Gender Strategy
  2. The debate about quotas (Gender and the Economy)


Women in Leadership – Why? (20.08.2020)

  1. When women lead, workplaces should listen (McKinsey & Company)
  2. Why do women make such good leaders during COVID 19 (Forbes)


The Confidence Gap (09.07.2020)

  1. The Confidence Gap (The Atlantic)
  2. A lack of confidence isn’t whats holding women back (The Atlantic)
  3. The Confidence Gap in Men and Women (Forbes)


Where to from here? (28.05.2020)

  1. ICAC Cotton Connects: Kai Hughes interview with Dr Rubana Huq (ICAC))
  2. Can fast fashion’s $2.5tn supply chain be stitched back together? (Financial Times – accessible only to those who have a subscription)
  3. 10 simple steps to being more sustainable (Harper’s Bazaar)
  4. Social Sustainability, Overstock And ‘Greenwashing’: How COVID-19 Is Changing The Fashion Industry

Resources from previous ICA Events

Here are some reasources which relate to Women in Cotton sessions delivered at ICA Events.

Other useful resources: