When thank you does not seem enough

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When thank you does not seem enough

By Helen Carlson, Area Manager at Claire House Hospice

There are a few occasions when thank you does not seem enough and this was one of them.

Claire House is a children’s hospice for the North West whorely heavily on the support of their local communities – including businesses.  However, this year we decided to branch out and test the waters to see how an international forum (37 countries to be exact) would respond to a local charity asking for their help.  You may be surprised at the outcome.
On the 21st October I was invited to St George’s Hall to represent Claire House at the annual ICA dinner.  Walking into such a historical building made me proud of my city – the food was outstanding, the conversation flowed and the tipple was my preferred choice – Sauvignon Blanc – Marlborough.  However, the anticipation hovered, how would they receive my speech and my plea for help?
I needn’t have worried, the ICA dinner raised just over£11,000 for our children which surpassed not only my expectations, but also those of the President, the Managing Director and our great supporter, Cargill Cotton(who introduced Claire House to ICA).  Tome this represents the strong feeling that no matter your race, your religion,your country, no parent should ever have to go through loosing a child.FACT.
We know it happens and we know, in the case of Claire House, we can do little to alter the outcome of our children’s journey. However we can make the unbearable journey bearable and we also know that when faced with the option to help, many of us will.
So, I just wanted to share my thoughts with this blog so that you know what a difference ICA and those who attended the annual dinner have made to our children and our care. Together we have and can make a difference and I hope that makes you feel proud.

Thank you.