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Trade & Quality Matters in Vietnam

In co-operation with VCOSA, the ICA will be delivering a 3-day training course on ‘Trade & Quality Matters’ from 4-6 April 2024 in Selegend Hotel, ThaiBinh, Vietnam. The training will encompass both practical and theoretical content, with participants having the opportunity to delve into the classification and quality assessment of cotton, commercial issues, dispute resolution, and arbitration. At the end, there will be an exam and each attendee will receive a certificate upon completion of the training.

The training will be delivered in English and Vietnamese.

The cost is 398 USD or 9,950,000 VND with a 30% discount for VCOSA/ICA members.

To find out more or for any queries, please contact VCOSA at  (+84) 346 906 928 or  

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