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A Request from Women in Cotton

Women in Cotton are preparing a keynote session for the ICA’s Vision 2020 Virtual Trade Event (28 & 29 October) and are asking for your support.  We plan to show footage of men and women in the industry answering a few questions at the start of the session, leading into a live discussion with our Women in Cotton Working Group and we’d like you to be a part of this video.
The questions are:

  1. What does Women in Cotton mean to you?
  2. What can Women in Cotton achieve for the cotton industry?
  3. If not now, when?

We would like you to film two video clips of yourself for us.  The first answering one of the above questions (about 30 seconds in length).
And the second video clip simply stating “I stand with Women in Cotton” (male) or “I am a Woman in Cotton” (female).
Both video files can be emailed to by 21 September. You can view some examples of our videos by clicking here.
Here are some tips for filming:

  • You’re welcome to speak in your native tongue but please provide a translated transcript of your video, we will prepare subtitles.
  • Use a mobile device, such as your phone or iPad to film yourself, either in portrait or landscape.
  • Make sure you’re in a well-lit room – natural light works best.
  • Film yourself indoors.
  • Speak clearly and direct to the camera, ensuring there is no background noise.

Thank you in advance for your support.