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Meeting the Asian markets

As part of an Asian ‘mega tour’, our leadership team recently met with key cotton stakeholders in China, Japan and Taiwan.

At the China conference in Ningbo they took part in the CICCA meeting. Then it was on to Japan to meet the Japan Cotton Traders’ Association and Japan Spinners’ Association. They ended the tour in Taiwan with the Taiwan Spinners’ Association, promising to return in 2016 to deliver a training workshop on contracting under ICA Bylaws & Rules.
Speaking after the trip ICA President Jordan Lea said: “The importance of opportunities like our most recent trip to Asia cannot be overestimated. This particular trip was unique in that it gave us the chance to engage at a variety of levels with current partners, future partners and long established members of the ICA and the world cotton community. The graciousness of our hosts at each stop along the way is much appreciated.”