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What are ICAspire events?

A series of events tailored for new or young individuals who want to develop their skills and aspire to be a better cotton professional.

Who can attend ICAspire events?

Any employee of a member firm who:

  • is under 40 years of age or…
  • within the first five years of their career in cotton.

What is the benefit to the employers of ICAspire event attendees?

As well as showing your employees that you value them and are willing to invest in their skills, ICAspire events will build an understanding of what it takes to deliver high performance results for your organisation.

The events allow attendees to develop a network of contacts to share advice, knowledge and market insights with the possibility of securing new business partners for their employers.

How much do ICAspire events cost?

Pricing is yet to be confirmed.

What is the programme of ICAspire events for 2021?

The programme is currently being developed. To add your name to the interested list, please email events@ica-ltd.org and we will contact you once the details are confirmed.