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Global Cotton Summit 2018

ICA was pleased to attend the Global Cotton Summit 2018, organised by the Bangladesh Cotton Association and supported by the Bangladesh Textile Mills Association.

At the event, ICA President Salman Ispahani and Managing Director Bill Kingdon gave delegates a comprehensive overview of ICA activities as well as taking part in a panel discussion on ICA bylaws and rules.

The event was very busy and Salman and Bill had the opportunity to meet and engage with many spinners, who gave positive feedback about ICA, its role in the cotton world and its bylaws and rules. The spinning sector is very important to ICA as the community remains under-represented in membership.
Reports from the summit stated that Bangladesh remains the current largest cotton import market with projections of 7.9 million bales in 2020. Bangladesh ministers envisage textile exports to rise to value of $25Bn per annum by 2021.