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Final Buyer (the Notifying Party)

It has come to our attention that some ICA Members appear to be unaware of their responsibilities as ICA Members. We remind our Members that it is important to check whether your final buyer (the Notifying Party) appears on the ICA Lists of Unfulfilled Awards Part 1 or Part 2 (LOUAs).

If the final buyer (the Notifying Party) appears on either of these lists, unless specifically authorised by the ICA (for example, when trading out a settlement agreement) shipments to that buyer must be refused by ICA Members. The up-to-date LOUAs may be found on the ICA website here > (you must be logged in as a Member to access LOUA Part 2).

It is the responsibility of ICA Members to check that any final buyer (the Notifying Party) on their shipping documents does not appear on the ICA’s LOUAs. Not taking this action is perceived as circumvention and is likely to lead to an ICA investigation.

Members are also reminded to contact the ICA if they find their final buyer (the Notifying Party) is on either of the ICA’s LOUAs by emailing