Cotton Trading Documentation

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Cotton Trading Documentation

If you are involved in trade documentation, such as letters of credit, Incoterms and insurance, these webinars are for you. Open to all, they are FREE to ICA members and just US$25 for non-members.

Run in partnership with Trade Technologies, each one is delivered by a documentation ‘expert’ and lasts approximately 60 minutes. Simply click on the links below to find out more and register.

Letters of Credit 101: Beginner

September 8 2017, 01:00 PM GMT
Trade Technologies’ Chip Thomas, will present an informative webinar about LC basics and how they can be used to accelerate cash flow and streamline trade.
The benefit to using a letter of credit is that it provides a conditional guarantee of payment from banks to the exporter (beneficiary) if the terms and conditions of the documentary credit are complied with. Attendees will learn about credit risk, the nuts and bolts of the LC process, and how to avoid discrepancies. Let us show you some of the basic issues that either makes LCs an effective payment mechanism or a major headache and how you can avoid the latter.
Topics that will be addressed during the webinar:

  • Letter of Credit (LC) process
  • The Role of Contracts
  • Terminology in letters of credit
  • Types of discrepancies – Why they occur and How to Avoid Them
  • Documents in an LC
  • INCOTERMS 2010
  • Overview of UCP600
  • Importance of Proper LC Structure

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Incoterms 2010
November 8 2017, 01:00 PM GMT
This informative webinar will present an in-depth overview of Incoterms® 2010 and how to best select the right Incoterm. We will cover how Incoterms® evolved and their most recent revisions. Time will be spent explaining and demystifying the terms and the implications these terms have on cost and risk. By the end of the session you will be familiar with Incoterms® and which terms are best for you.
Topics that will be addressed during the webinar:

  • What are the common Incoterms misperceptions
  • The difference between the domestic and international terms of sale
  • The meaning of each of the 11 different Incoterms
  • The responsibilities and obligations for the seller and the buyer under each of the terms
  • The costs associated with each term
  • When to use the different terms

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About Trade Technologies

Founded in 1999, Trade Technologies is the largest global provider of outsourced trade document services and software. From its offices in Asia, Europe and North America, Trade Technologies provides leading exporters, freight forwarders and international trade banks with trade document solutions, training and consulting.