Changes to ICA Technical Arbitration Fees

We will be implementing the following changes to ICA Technical Arbitration fees from 1 January 2022:

  • The Technical Arbitration deposit will increase from GBP £4,000 to GBP £8,000 for all claimants:
    This reflects the costs of nearly all ICA arbitrations, and is designed to avoid delaying the release of an award should deposits in excess of GBP £4,000 be required at the end of an arbitration. Please note that this is a refundable deposit and is not a fee for technical arbitration.
  • Technical Arbitration application fees for non-members will increase from GBP £5,000 to GBP £15,000:
    This is to ensure that non-members fully contribute to the costs of the ICA arbitration service. By this change we are encouraging all those who use ICA Arbitration services to become ICA Members and benefit from access without application fees (after their first year’s membership).

By signing-up to ICA Membership, you can benefit from the reduced Technical Arbitration application fees which Membership can offer, as well as the various other benefits of ICA Membership.

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