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Argentine cotton standards updated

The following standards have recently been received from the Ministerio de Economia y Obras y Servicios Publicos, Secretaria de Agricultura, Pescay Alimentacion, Argentina:

  • Grades B, C, C-1/2, D, D-1/2, E, F

The standards were inspected by the ICA Quality Appeal Committee and approved (in line with the ICA Bylaws) and have now been adopted as the ICA Official Standards for Argentine cotton. They will replace the set of Argentine Standards which became effective on 1 March 2006.
The ICA holds the largest collection of world-wide Cotton Grade Standards,which represent the current crops of cotton grown in each country. They serve as a benchmark in international trading and, as part of our service, it is important that we continuously keep them up to date.Other updates are in progress and we will keep you informed.