Arbitrator Training FAQs

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What is the Basic Level training?

The Basic Level training is the first of a two-stage qualification process intended to expand the number of suitably qualified ICA Technical Arbitrators at an international level. The training provides an introduction to the basic principles of the ICA technical arbitration process.

What is the Advanced Level training?

The Advanced Level training is the second stage in the qualification process. It is more in-depth than the Basic Level. There are three examinations, which can be taken in single modules in sequence. Before you can take the final module of the advanced level, you have to act as a “probationary arbitrator” on at least three arbitration cases and your mentor will advise when you are ready to sit the final exam.

Who is the training for?

The Basic Level training is for ICA members and non-members who want to become an ICA Arbitrator or who want to learn more about the basic principles of the ICA technical arbitration process.

The Advanced Level training is for ICA Individual Members who have successfully completed the Basic Level training and who want to continue on their journey to become an ICA Arbitrator.

I am not a member of the ICA, can I take the training?

For the Basic Level, yes. The training is open to ICA members and non-members.

For the Advanced Level, no. The training is only available to ICA Individual Members. Find out more about becoming a member here.

Do I need to pay a fee to take the training?

For the Basic Level, the course material is FREE to download from our website. To sit the exam, there is a cost equivalent to GBP £100 + vat.

For the Advanced Level, modules 1 and 2 cost GBP £100 (each) + vat. Module 3 costs GBP £375 + vat.

Where can I get a copy of the course material?

For the Basic Level, the course material is FREE to download from our website. You will also need a copy of the Arbitration Act 1996 and the ICA Bylaws & Rules.

Members only

For the Advanced Level, the ICA Team will provide you with all the material. Simply contact us and we will send it directly to you.

When can I take the exams?

You can take the exams at a range of locations to coincide with the ICA visit schedule. Or, if you prefer, we will try to arrange a location of your choice. Please contact us to discuss and/or to find out more.

Will the ICA publish the examination results?

No – we will contact you directly to advise you of your result(s).

Can I re-sit the examination(s) if I do not pass first time?

Yes. Standard costs will apply for each re-sit.

If I complete the training, how can I become an ICA Arbitrator?

You must meet the following criteria in order to apply to become an arbitrator:

  • You have to be an ICA Individual Member
  • You have to successfully complete the ICA Basic Level training
  • You have to successfully complete the first two modules of the ICA Advanced Level training
  • You have to have 5 years’ experience in the international cotton industry
  • You have to be proficient in the English language (written and spoken), without the need of a translator

If you meet this criteria and want to apply, please complete the online application.

If I apply to become an arbitrator, what happens next?

If your application is approved by the ICA Directors:

  • You will receive a service agreement (to sign and return)
  • Your name will be added to the ICA List of Technical Arbitrators as a ‘probationary arbitrator’
  • You will be allocated a mentor (an experienced ICA Arbitrator) to help you through your probationary period and enable you to observe arbitrations
  • You must observe at least three arbitrations of different complexities
  • Your mentor will be responsible for assessing your progress and suitability to arbitrate
  • If suitable, you then take module 3 of the Advanced Level training
  • If you pass module 3, you will become a fully qualified ICA Technical Arbitrator

If your application is declined by the ICA Directors, we will provide you with feedback and there may be an opportunity for you to apply again.

What if I have more questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to help.