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A message to our community

In light of the developments regarding COVID-19, our thoughts are with those affected by the virus around the globe. Those who are already very sick, those most vulnerable, those affected by the impact on the economy and those missing their loved ones greatly. At the International Cotton Association (ICA), the health, safety and wellbeing of all those involved with our association continues to be our priority as we closely monitor the evolving impact of this situation.
The ICA’s purpose is to promote a common set of values and a shared commitment to safe trading within our community. This purpose has never been more important than it is now in these extraordinary circumstances.
We ask all our members and our many friends throughout the international cotton community to keep talking and collaborating with your counter-parties. No part of the cotton sector is unaffected by the impact of COVID-19 and the preventative measures that are being applied throughout the world. So we ask you to please, be mindful of each other’s position and strive to find mutual agreements which keep in mind our shared commitment to the long-term health of the international cotton trade. We encourage you to avoid conflict wherever you can, and to use dispute resolution mechanisms, like arbitration, only as a last resort.
As we navigate through this challenging and uncertain time, I am reminded of the strong sense of community in the cotton world which I believe will help give us strength. The constraints we are currently facing will pass and many of the freedoms that we are used to are likely to return before too long. The characteristics that make cotton so unique and attractive to the consumer will continue to endure and we have great confidence in the fundamentals of this trade.
In the meantime, please stay safe – we will get through this together.
Bill Kingdon
ICA Managing Director