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12 firms off the 'default list'

In just a four week period, from mid November to mid December, 12 firms – yes, 12 firms – have been removed from the ICA List of Unfulfilled Awards Part 1* (also known as the default list) and 3 firms have been added.

Here are the details to keep your ‘safe trading’ contacts up to date:

  1. Henan Zhongfang Industry (Group) Co Ltd, China (award dated 4 Sep 2015)
  2. Organik Iplik Sanayi Ticaret Ltd STI, Sanliurfa, Turkey (award dated 30 Sep 2015)
  3. P T Bintang Agung, Jakarta, Indonesia (award dated 18 Jul 2014)


  1. Acrimex SA de CV,Mexico (award dated 5 May 1989)
  2. Atoyac Textil / Superfinos A A / Comercial De Telas SA de CV, Mexico (award dated 9 Mar 1992)
  3. Enping Kwong Luen Tai Textile Enterprises (HK) Ltd, Hong Kong (award dated 11 Jun 1993)
  4. Filway Development Corporation, Philippines (award dated 4 Dec 1992)
  5. Mastefil SA,Spain (award dated 10 Oct 1988)
  6. PT Bintang Agung, Jakarta,Indonesia (award dated 28 Mar 2014)
  7. Sociedade Textile Araujo, Goncalves SA, Portugal (award dated 12 May 1992)
  8. Syed Spinning & Cotton Mills Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh (award dated 27 Apr 2012)
  9. Textiles Agua Azul SA de CV, Puebla Pue, Mexico (award dated 9 Mar 1992)
  10. Textiles Eca SA de CV, Mexico (award dated 9 Mar 1992)
  11. Textiles El Centenario SA, Mexico (award dated 29 Mar 1994)
  12. Vp Udyog Ltd, Kolkata, India (award dated 9 Oct 2014)

*The ICA List of Unfulfilled Awards Part 2 is available to members only.